Schweitzer Mountain Ski Instructor

Learn to Ski at the beautiful Schweitzer Mountain Ski Area

kris03_SkiJumpSchweitzer Mountain Ski Instructor

The best athletes in the world have a coach…  Let me be yours!

I grew up in North Idaho and learned to ski at Schweitzer Mountain, purchasing my first season pass my senior year of High School for the 1984/85 ski season. In 1990 I started working at the resort as a cocktail waitress and a mountain photographer and in 1995 I joined the Schweitzer Ski School where I still teach skiing. I have been a member of PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) since ’95 and am a fully certified Alpine instructor. I also have a level 1 certification in Telemark skiing. I was a DCL – Divisional Clinic leader and a member of the Junior Education Team Northwest, teaching continuing education clinics and helping to train and inspire Ski Instructors in the NorthWest and InterMountain divisions of PSIA. Since 2005 I have been a Real Estate agent and teach skiing part time. I coached the All-Mountain division of the Masters Race program for 4 seasons and coached the Double Black Diamond group for “Nice Turns” in 09/10 season.

From first the first time skier to the Nastar enthusiast wanting to improve their time,  the tree year old to the senior I love to help skiers improve efficiency, reduce risk of injury, and fine tune their technique while having a great time! Come ski with me!


Powder Skiing Got You Down?

Schweitzer Mountain has so much terrain and so many different snow conditions it offers something to challenge any skier.Brush up on your ski or snowboard technique with Nice Turns! This multi week adult improvement program taught by Schweitzer’s top instructors, builds on a foundation, teaching basic skills, and then slowly integrating more complex skills. You will see steady improvement of your skills and the ability to reach the level of skiing or snowboarding that you want and are comfortable with. Whether you want to learn to competently ride the whole mountain, the steep and deep, or carve the blue runs! or call Snowsports School (208) 255-3070 Online registration

Get a Boot evaluation! The foot is the foundation of your ski stance and the boot is your most important piece of performance gear! How well is yours working? Svein at Sandpoint Sports has the knowledge and experience to guide you to the right gear and to custom fit your boot!

Toes up!

Sometimes when we are intimidated we will crunch down our toes to try to get more grip on the boot. When the toes are gripped it is harder to flex the ankle and to keep the shin/boot contact, leaving the skier in the “backseat” with less control over the ski. If you find yourself griping your toes, lift them up instead! When the ball of the foot is firmly pressed into the bottom of the boot and the toes are lifted up it is easier to flex the ankle and maintain strong shin/boot contact resulting in more control over the ski! Ever you wish you could shift into four wheel drive? You can, lift the toes!

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