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Black Bears:
Entertaining Wildlife or Terrifying Pest?

Black Bear are common in North Idaho, recently we have had a mother and her two cubs frequenting our neighborhood. This always results in an all night barking session from our dogs followed by a trip to the dump and a thorough clean up of anything a bear might eat…and they are not picky! Once a bear starts to associate people with food they get more and more bold about raiding trash cans and dog dishes for food, pretty soon they are a pest and well on their way to a bear vs. human conflict of interest they will not win! If you love them, enjoy them from a distance and be diligent in your efforts to keep your trash, bird food, dog food, compost, any and all edibles out of their reach! To learn more about Black Bears check out these web sites: Washington Fish and Game-Living with Wildlife
Revelstoke Canada-Bear Aware Idaho Fish and Game-Wildlife Newsletter

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Marianne Love
Local Educator and Author still inspiring youth!

I had the pleasure of attending a field trip the Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge with the Sandpoint Charter School 6th grade class recently, we had an amazing time! Not only were we treated to Bald Eagle nest watching and Black Bear education but we were entertained and inspired by Marianne Love. North Idaho Local and long time Sandpoint High School English Teacher, Mrs. Love has written three books, many magazine articles, and a blog. Her books will make you laugh out loud, are great for reading out loud and give a great picture of life in North Idaho – Enjoy!!

Marianne Love
Fabulous Books!

Real Estate is a Great Investment!
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ArtWalk 1 coming to Sandpoint June 18th
At Keller Williams Realty Sandpoint 212 N 1st Ave we are proud to partner with the Arts Alliance to highlight local artists by offering our walls to display and SELL their work. Come in to see the art anytime! If you missed our last featured artist or want to see more of her amazing work you can see her on line at Diana Moses-Botkin or at the upcoming Pend Oreille Arts Council ArtWalk I
We will be hosting Amber Kohal and invite you join us in celebrating her work and this fun community event July 18th 5 to 8pm

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